User Administration Scaffold for Devise

Here is a quick way to add a user controller and views to a rails app that is using Devise for authentication. First, create the controller and views for the model which Devise created for you. You can do that with the scaffold_controller generator.

rails g scaffold_controller users

Now you’ll have the basic user CRUD abilities.

You’ll need to add a password_confirmation password field to the form if the generator didn’t do it for you.┬áThe main problem I’ve encountered is that you always have to type in the password and the confirmation when updating a user model. In order to prevent this you can override the password_required? method in the user model.

def password_required?
  (!password.blank? && !password_confirmation.blank?) || new_record?

Another nice thing I like to do is create a rake task to create a new user. This can be used on a new database to create a user to log in with. I created a file called auth.rake in lib/tasks.

namespace :auth  do
  desc "Create first database user"
  task :create_first_user => :environment do
    u =
    u.full_name = "First User" = ""
    u.password = "password"
    u.password_confirmation = "password"

    puts "You can log in with email: '#{}' and password: '#{u.password}'"

You can run the task with the command:

rake auth:create_first_user

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